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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Mary Dream – Lost Mary OS5000 50MG 10ml



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A Whimsical and Enchanting Vaping Experience of Mary Dream by Lost Mary OS5000.

Mary Dream – Lost Mary OS5000 50MG 10ml is a tantalizing vape option for those who appreciate the soothing and calming effects of lavender combined with the sweetness of vanilla.

This vaping  offers a unique flavor profile that captures the essence of a peaceful dream. The blend of lavender creates a floral and aromatic note that evokes a sense of relaxation and tranquility, while the vanilla adds a creamy and sweet undertone that balances out the flavor profile perfectly.

With 50MG of nicotine per vape, Mary Dream provides a satisfying hit that is ideal for those seeking a smooth vaping experience with a touch of sweetness. The 10ml size ensures that you have plenty of vape juice to enjoy for an extended period, whether you’re unwinding at home or out and about.

Take a journey of a lifetime through the world of Mary Dream by Lost Mary OS5000. This unique blend of e-liquids transports you to a mystical world of taste, where fantasies become real and magic awaits. The unique mix of luscious berries, sweet vanilla, and a touch of magic that is a bit mystical, Mary Dream offers a vaping experience that is sure to inspire your mind and make you want more.

Flavor Profile

Mary Dream is a carefully created blend that mixes the sweet tanginess of juicy strawberries with the sweetness of vanilla’s creamy. Every time you inhale you’ll be treated to a soothing symphony of juicy strawberries, delicious blueberries, and delicious raspberries. The berry’s sweet taste are perfectly balanced by the silky and smooth flavors of vanilla. It’s an enchanting fusion of flavors which dance on your tongue. After exhaling an ethereal scent lingers around, adding some mystery to the sensation.

How to Use Mary Dream Lost Mary OS5000?

Making use of Mary Dream is simple and simple and. Simply fill the vaping device’s tank or pod the amount you want to use and be sure to not go over the capacity. Take a while until the wick is saturated before you’re ready to plunge into the wonderful universe of Mary Dream each time you inhale.

  • 5% Nicotine salt.
  • 5000 Puffs per device.
  • 650 mAh integrated battery.

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Mary Dream - Lost Mary OS5000 50MG 10mlMary Dream – Lost Mary OS5000 50MG 10ml
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