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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Iced Watermelon Hulaberry Lime E-Liquid: Chill Out

If you’re a vaper with a penchant for icy fruit flavors, look no further than Iced Watermelon Hulaberry Lime by MRKT PLCE. This 100ml e-liquid promises a refreshing and invigorating experience with a delightful blend of watermelon, huckleberry, lime, and a touch of menthol. Let’s dive into what makes this vape juice a standout in the world of cool, fruity e-liquids.

The Flavor Profile

Iced Watermelon Hulaberry Lime is a medley of vibrant fruit flavors combined with a chilling menthol finish. Here’s what each component brings to the mix:

  • Watermelon: Known for its juicy sweetness, watermelon forms the base of this blend, providing a refreshing and mouthwatering foundation.

  • Hulaberry: A unique addition, hulaberry contributes a slightly tart and berry-like flavor, adding depth and complexity.

  • Lime: The zestiness of lime brightens the overall profile, infusing a citrusy kick that balances the sweetness of the fruits.

  • Menthol: The menthol component ties everything together, delivering a cool and crisp exhale that enhances the refreshing nature of the blend.

Flavor Experience

With Iced Watermelon Hulaberry Lime, each inhale is a burst of ripe watermelon, accented by the subtle tartness of hulaberry and lime. As you exhale, the menthol kicks in, enveloping your taste buds in a wave of icy freshness. This combination creates a well-rounded flavor experience that is perfect for hot summer days or whenever you crave a cooling vape sensation.

Quality Craftsmanship

MRKT PLCE is known for its commitment to quality, and this e-liquid is no exception. Each element of the flavor profile is carefully balanced to ensure a satisfying vape without overwhelming the palate. The result is a harmonious blend that delivers on both taste and texture, making it a standout choice among menthol-infused e-liquids.

Versatility and Enjoyment

Whether you’re a fan of fruity vapes or prefer the icy chill of menthol, Iced Watermelon Hulaberry Lime offers a versatile vaping experience. It’s equally enjoyable in a sub-ohm tank or a pod system, making it a great option for vapers of all preferences. The combination of flavors ensures that each puff is as delightful as the last, making it easy to vape all day long.


In conclusion, Iced Watermelon Hulaberry Lime by MRKT PLCE is a must-try for vapers seeking a refreshing and well-balanced e-liquid. With its blend of watermelon, hulaberry, lime, and menthol, this juice delivers a multi-dimensional flavor experience that is sure to keep you coming back for more. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or taking a break from the heat, this e-liquid is guaranteed to cool you down and satisfy your taste buds.

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