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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Dive into Sweet Nostalgia: Vape Marley Presents the Blue Rancher Geek Bar Pulse X 25,000 Puffs

Calling all vape enthusiasts with a nostalgic streak! Vape Marley is thrilled to introduce the revolutionary Blue Rancher – Geek Bar Pulse X Edition 25,000 Puffs. This innovative disposable vape takes you on a delightful trip down memory lane with its classic blue candy flavor, all while boasting cutting-edge features that redefine the disposable vaping experience.

A Nostalgic Explosion: The Blue Rancher Flavor

Remember those sweet and tangy blue candies that were a staple of our childhood? The Blue Rancher flavor in the Geek Bar Pulse X perfectly captures that iconic taste. It’s a delectable blend of blueberry and blue raspberry, offering a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness with every puff. Get ready for a wave of nostalgia that will tantalize your taste buds and bring back cherished memories.

More Than Just Flavor: Unveiling the Geek Bar Pulse X’s Powerhouse Specs

The Blue Rancher Geek Bar Pulse X goes far beyond just offering a delicious flavor. Here’s what makes it a true game-changer in the disposable vape market:

  • Unmatched Puff Count: With a staggering 25,000 puffs (in Regular Mode), this disposable offers exceptional longevity. Say goodbye to constantly needing to replace your vape – the Blue Rancher keeps you satisfied for extended periods.
  • Dual Mode Versatility: The Pulse X boasts a unique dual-mode functionality. Enjoy the full 25,000 puffs in Regular Mode for a more relaxed vaping experience. Craving a more intense burst of flavor? Switch to Pulse Mode, which delivers up to 15,000 puffs with a higher power output. This allows you to tailor your vaping experience to your preferences.
  • World’s First 3D Curved Screen: Feast your eyes on the future of disposable vapes! The Geek Bar Pulse X features the world’s first 3D curved screen. This innovative design element not only adds a touch of elegance but also enhances usability. The screen clearly displays vital information like battery life, e-liquid level, and even allows you to adjust power settings for a truly personalized vape.
  • Generous E-Liquid Capacity: The Blue Rancher boasts an impressive 18ml e-liquid capacity, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite flavor for longer without worrying about running out of juice. This translates to fewer trips to the vape shop and more time savoring the delicious Blue Rancher experience.
  • Quick Charge and Long-Lasting Battery: Equipped with a USB Type-C charging port, the Geek Bar Pulse X charges rapidly, keeping you vaping without interruption. The integrated rechargeable battery ensures you can enjoy your vape for extended periods without needing to replace it.
  • Advanced Coil Technology: The Blue Rancher utilizes a cutting-edge dual mesh coil system. This innovative design delivers consistent and flavorful vapor with every puff, maximizing your vaping enjoyment.
  • Nicotine Strength Tailored for Satisfaction: The Blue Rancher comes pre-filled with 50mg nic salt-based e-liquid, offering a smooth and satisfying throat hit. This nicotine strength caters to experienced vapers seeking a more pronounced vaping experience.

Unbeatable Convenience: A Disposable Vape Redefined

The Geek Bar Pulse X offers the ultimate in convenience. The non-refillable design eliminates the need for messy refills and coil changes. Simply unpack it, puff, and enjoy! Additionally, the percentage display on the 3D curved screen keeps you informed about the remaining battery life and e-liquid level, so you’re never caught off guard.

15 Delicious Flavors to Explore

While the Blue Rancher is a true star, the Geek Bar Pulse X comes in a diverse range of 15 delicious flavors. From classic fruits like Strawberry B Pop and Blueberry B Pop to more exotic options like Watermelon Ice and Mango Peach, there’s a perfect flavor to tantalize every taste bud.

Vape Marley: Your Trusted Destination for Premium Vapes

At Vape Marley, we’re committed to providing our customers with the latest and greatest in vaping technology. The Blue Rancher – Geek Bar Pulse X Edition 25,000 Puffs perfectly embodies this philosophy. It’s a disposable vape that offers exceptional performance, unmatched flavor, and innovative features, all at an unbeatable price.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Vape Marley today and experience the future of disposable vaping with the Blue Rancher – Geek Bar Pulse X Edition 25,000 Puffs!

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