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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Dive into Summer with the ELF BAR Pi7000 Cherry Peach Lemonade: Vape Marley’s Refreshing Review 

Hey there, vape enthusiasts and summer sun seekers! At Vape Marley, we’re all about indulging in delicious flavors that perfectly complement the season. And what better way to beat the heat than with a taste of sunshine in a vape? Today, we’re setting our sights on the ELF BAR Pi7000 Cherry Peach Lemonade, a disposable device promising a delightful explosion of fruity goodness.

Unboxing the ELF BAR Pi7000 Cherry Peach Lemonade

The ELF BAR Pi7000 Cherry Peach Lemonade arrives in a sleek and compact cardboard box. Consistent with ELF BAR’s branding, the packaging features a vibrant color scheme that reflects the flavor profile. Inside, you’ll find the disposable vape itself, pre-filled and ready to use straight out of the box. No messy refills, no complicated coil changes – just pure vaping convenience.

First Impressions: Design and Build Quality

The ELF BAR Pi7000 boasts a unique, pillow-shaped design that’s both comfortable to hold and visually appealing. It departs from the traditional cylindrical shape of most disposable vapes, offering a more ergonomic grip. The smooth matte finish feels pleasant in the hand, and the overall build quality feels solid.

Specs and Features:

  • Puff Count: Up to 7000 puffs (disclaimer: individual results may vary depending on usage)
  • Nicotine Strength: 5% nicotine by volume (50mg)
  • Battery Capacity: 550mAh (integrated, non-replaceable)
  • E-liquid Capacity: 17ml
  • Coil: Mesh coil (for enhanced flavor and vapor production)
  • Charging: Type-C charging port (cable not included)

Under the Hood: The Mesh Coil Advantage

The ELF BAR Pi7000 Cherry Peach Lemonade utilizes a mesh coil heating element. Compared to traditional coils, mesh coils offer a larger surface area for e-liquid vaporization. This translates to richer flavor delivery, smoother vapor production, and potentially better consistency throughout the life of the device.

The Main Event: The Flavor Profile of Cherry Peach Lemonade

Now, let’s get to the good stuff – the flavor! As the name suggests, the Cherry Peach Lemonade promises a tantalizing mix of sweet and tart notes. Vaping the Cherry Peach Lemonade instantly delivers a wave of juicy peach flavor upfront. It’s not an overly artificial sweetener, but rather a natural-tasting peach that reminds you of biting into a perfectly ripe summer fruit.

Following the peach comes a wave of sweet cherry, perfectly complementing the initial burst. The cherry isn’t overpowering, but it adds a touch of depth and complexity to the overall flavor profile. Finally, the lemonade weaves its magic, bringing a refreshing citrusy tang that ties everything together. It’s not an overly sour lemonade, but just enough to balance the sweetness of the peach and cherry and provide a light, summary finish.

The Verdict: A Summertime Staple

The ELF BAR Pi7000 Cherry Peach Lemonade is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a delicious and refreshing vape experience. The combination of sweet peaches, juicy cherries, and a hint of lemonade creates a truly delightful flavor profile that’s perfect for those warm summer days.

Here’s what we loved about the ELF BAR Pi7000 Cherry Peach Lemonade:

  • Exceptional Flavor: The combination of peach, cherry, and lemonade is spot-on, offering a perfectly balanced and refreshing vape.
  • Long-lasting Puff Count: With up to 7000 puffs (disclaimer: individual results may vary depending on usage), this disposable offers excellent value for money.
  • Mesh Coil Technology: The mesh coil delivers consistent flavor and vapor production with every puff.
  • Comfortable Design: The pillow-shaped design is comfortable to hold and feels nice in the hand.
  • Ready to Use: No mess, no fuss – simply take it out of the box and start vaping.

How to Get Your ELF BAR Pi7000 Cherry Peach Lemonade

Ready to experience the delicious flavor and advanced features of the ELF BAR Pi7000? Visit Vape Marley’s online store or drop by one of our retail locations to pick up your device today. We offer competitive pricing and fast shipping, so you can start enjoying your new vape in no time.


The ELF BAR Pi7000 Cherry Peach Lemonade is more than just a vape device—it’s a statement of quality, convenience, and exceptional flavor. At Vape Marley, we are proud to offer this innovative product to our customers. Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned pro, the ELF BAR Pi7000 is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Don’t miss out on this incredible vaping experience. Visit Vape Marley and get your ELF BAR Pi7000 Cherry Peach Lemonade today. Happy vaping!

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